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Aerating is essential and important part to keeping a healthy green lawn throughout the summer.
Aeration Service

Aeration Service in Littleton, CO - Starting at $30

Lawn aeration is an important part of growing a quality lawn for several reasons. First, it opens up and de-compacts the lawn after a year’s worth of treading and trampling. This helps air, water and nutrients get into the ground at the root level. By decompacting the soil, it also allows roots to grow and meander more easily throughout the subsurface root zone.

Also, the coring that aeration does to the grass can stimulate growth. This is similar to pruning trees and plants, which help stimulate the plant to grow. This stimulation, plus loose soil, allows the plant to grow faster and stronger than if left alone. Finally, lawn aeration helps to de-clump or dethatch the lawn. Grasses growing in poor compacted soils or that are under-seeded tend to grown in large clumping groups. Aeration can help these clumps to spread.