Now Accepting All Major Credit Cards

We’re happy to announce that we have implemented a new payment method. You can now purchase our products and services with your credit card.

JDR PRO™ In order to better aid individuals, JDR PRO™  is now accepting credit cards. With the ability to accept credit cards, customers can make payments whenever necessary and with their preferred form of payment. Paying has never been easier with a credit card. We now accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.


Any Form of Payment

JDR PRO™ This is possible with the help of the company’s new ability to accept credit cards. Before, the company only accepted cash and check. However, with more and more individuals readily carrying around a credit card in their wallet and not always having cash on hand or their checkbook nearby, they are able to make the necessary payments for materials provided and services rendered with a credit card. After all, there is often nothing more convenient than pulling out the card and having access to instant cash, no matter where it is or what someone needs done.

When it comes to design and landscape installs or a simple weekly trim and mow, JDR PRO™  is the company people turn to. From the smallest of clean up jobs to full landscape over hauls, JDR PRO™  does it all. Now, the company is better than ever before as it is accepted credit cards. It is now possible for any home owner or commercial business owner to quickly and easily pay for the services, all with the swipe of their wrist and their desired credit card of choice. Followed by a speedy receipt on the spot.

Thank you for everyone’s continued support. We look forward to serving your landscaping needs soon!


Written by Joe Rossel, Founder and CEO of JDR PRO™

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